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Beacon of Light
Outreach Ministries

10409 Hampton Meadow Way
Riverview, FL 33578
Ph: (813) 480-5290

  About Us



To shine the Light of Christ to all; especially to the poor, needy, orphans, and widows throughout the world sharing God’s love in word, deed, and truth. 


Mission Statement


Phase I


At least twice a year, we want to bring the Gospel of Christ to neighborhoods across the nation and countries around the world in an evangelistic and outreach event.  This will be done through prayer, worship, and praise, preaching, and teaching the Word of God.  We will also serve and demonstrate God’s love by providing food and personal items to each family who attends the charitable outreach event.  To achieve this, we will form coalitions with local churches, missions and businesses in the cities we go to in order to share volunteer resources and costs.  This coalition will also serve as referral agents for other needs the people who attend may have.  We will partner with other organizations who distribute food and personal items such as Feed the Children, Operation Blessing, and Convoy of Hope in order to purchase these items from them at a discounted rate which will include packaging and transportation. Our goal is to reach people evangelistically and also provide food to 400 families or more who are in need at each event.  We hope to start the first event in Tampa, Florida and then on to other cities within the state followed by events nationally and internationally in the following years to come.  We will also minister through compassion and fellowship the love of God to people in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.  We will display Christ likeness to lonely and elderly people in need ministering through worship, praise, preaching, and prayer.  We will also serve and demonstrate His power in hope they will see Christ’s love introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus and be saved preparing them for eternity with God.


Phase II


Continue Phase I and go on a mission trip to support a mission nationally or overseas by volunteering to assist them in their work helping families especially children providing food, water, clothing, toys, and spiritual uplifting. 


Phase III


Continue the first two phases but also establish an afterschool learning center in a school and or local church for tutoring Kindergarten through 6th grade students.


Phase IV


Build onto the first three phases.  We will also conduct men and women seminars, and workshops instructing them, through biblical teachings, how to be a better spouse, parent, and citizen.    

Beacon of Light Outreach Ministries International

10409 Hampton Meadow Way
Riverview, FL 33578
Phone: 813-480-5290